Project Progress – May 3, 2009

May 4, 2009


Where am I with my projects?  Let’s compare to my last “projects” post from July 13, 2008 (!) and see what has changed.


2005-06 Upper Deck – I still need the Crosby and I will eventually buy one in a few years.  Otherwise this set is completed and looks great in a binder (except for the Ovechkin which is in a magnetic holder).

2006-07 Hot Prospects – I finally finished the rookies numbered to 1,999 set yesterday!  So this project finally gets crossed off the list.

2006-07 MVP – I bought a retail box of 24 packs in November and with some other trades I need around 10-15 regular base cards and 9 rookies including Malkin and Staal to finish this set.  I’m going to try and trade for the rest of this set or buy what I need in the next few months.

2007-08 Upper Deck – I have decided after collecting around 30-40 of the Young Guns I’m going to sell/trade these cards to go towards other projects.  I would rather collect 2007-08 SP Authentic then this set.

Collecting Panthers – This has gone okay.  I have picked up a couple more Booth cards and I have the SPx auto jerseys of Matthias and Frolik so that is going well.  I do want to pick up the Future Watch and Ultimate autos for Frolik.  He had a really good rookie year and it is nice to have a good rookie to collect for once.

2007-08 SP Authentic Future Watch Auto – These cards are numbered to 999.  I have 20 of the 60 autos and after I complete the MVP set I want to pick up one auto each month or two to continue to build this set.  I only have commons so far so I have to start saving for Price, Toews, Kane, Ryan etc.  I love the design of this set and the fact that the autos are on-card and are not sticker autos.  

2008-09 OPC 1979-80 Retro Parallels – This is a monster of a parallel set but I’m looking to trade/buy and slowly build this set later this summer.  It’s a classic design and looks great.  


2006 Bowman Draft – I finished this set earlier this year through trades and purchasing the last chrome cards that I needed.  

2007 Bowman – I finished this set last fall including the prospects and chrome prospects sets.  

2007 Bowman Chrome – I have traded/purchased a few of these set needs but I have a long way to go.  I think I will save a box to trade inserts and to collect the autograph from the box.

2008 Topps Heritage – I still need around 50 short prints and 10-15 regular base cards.  I want to pick up one or two short prints every month to slowly build this set.  I might also complete the set up to the short prints and then as I buy more boxes of other projects try to trade cards I obtain in the future for this set.

2008 Topps – I have completed Series 1 and need 2 cards for Series 2.  I have a few Updates and Highlights to build that set.  I am not going to collect 2009 Topps since I think I’m going to stick with Heritage and Bowman releases.

Collecting Indians – I have a purchased a number of autos of Indians prospects that I will scan and show in the blog in the future.

2008 Topps Heritage High Numbers – I bought a box of this in March and I hope to buy one more box to get 8 more short prints and also build the Updates and Highlights set since they are intermingled in this product as well.  I am trying to trade some of the chrome cards I received from the box towards set needs.

2005 Trilogy Signatures – I only have picked up 2 of the autos in this set but it is a gorgeous design and I love the player selection in the set so this will be one of those projects where I pick up a cheap auto here and there and eventually finish this project 15 years from now.


2006-07 Bowman Chrome – I want to collect the 25 or so rookie autos to complete the auto set.  I can get most of these for pretty cheap so it shouldn’t be too hard.

2007-08 Bowman Chrome – I purchased a box of this last fall and want to complete this set including the auto set.

2006-07 Fleer – I have around 12 of the 132 1986-87 Fleer retro parallel set.  As you can see I love retro parallels with today’s players.  

2007-08 Fleer – I almost have the base set finished but I only have 12 or so of the 1987-88 retros but I want to finish this set eventually.


2008 Topps Chrome – I have purchased a couple of loose packs and a blaster box of this product so I’m slowly and surely collecting this set.  I like the chrome design.  I am not going to collect the autos for this set, I just want a mid-end football card set to collect.

I have a lot of projects on the go.  But I’m confident that I will finish most of these projects sooner rather than later.  I don’t have much of a budget for the next year or two but I think between $20-40 a month can really put a dent in the above projects.  I still have to pick some 2009 products to collect but I’m always going to be a bit behind and that is okay.  I have some ideas for future posts including updating these projects as I pick up cards and showing the scans in the blog.  My other idea is to have a “Prospect Review” for the 2007 Bowman Chrome prospects set where we see where the prospects are two years later.

Thanks for reading.


And I’m Back (Maybe….)

May 2, 2009

So it’s been a while since I have posted.  Well I’m back and that is good.  

I just came home from the Toronto Card Expo and I thought I would share what I purchased today.  I spent around $80 on these 17 cards:

2006-07 Hot Prospects Mikhail Grabovski 1,067/1,999 and Troy Brouwer 1,643/1,999

And the 2006-07 Hot Prospects rookies /1,999 project is finally complete.  Thank God.  It only took me around two years.  I will have other project updates throughout the week.  

2007-08 SP Authentic Future Watch Autographs /999:

This is a new project that I started in March when I purchased 7 common autographs.  I picked up 13 more autos ranging from $3 to $6 each:

Brett Sterling 73/999

Curtis McElhinney 546/999

Tyler Weiman 448/999

Tobias Stephan 45/999

Cory Murphy 159/999

Lauri Tukonen 327/999

Andy Greene 161/999

Daniel Girardi 939/999

Brian Elliot 334/999

Martin Hanzal 394/999

Steve Wagner 604/999

Matt Smaby 259/999

Jannik Hansen 247/999

So I now have 20 of the 60 autos which is the farthest I have come so far in completing an autograph set.  I love the design and once I start picking up the better rookies I think it will be a good set since last year’s rookie class was pretty good.

Finally I picked up two UD Black Letterman Patches, Tyler Plante “A” /399 and David Brine “E” /399.  Between Plante, Brine and Matthias I can spell the word “Panthers” which would look cool on a shelf or on display somehow.  Here are the scans of the Plante and Brine:


I will be back with project progress and to share which projects have been completed, which ones have stopped and the others that I have started.

Thanks for reading.

Product Previews – Week of July 22, 2008

July 25, 2008

I am live from my newly upgraded computer tower which is going to be my “card” computer from here on out.  Of course I can’t find my printer software so I can’t scan in cards right now.  That is not good.  I want to get more active when it comes to trading for set needs but I need my scanner to work first. 

I think I’m done with the product previews for baseball and basketball.  I don’t collect those sports enough and I don’t understand all of the products like I do with hockey.  So we’re going with hockey previews from here on out:

2007-08 Upper Deck The Cup– This is the release that all hockey collectors wait for every year, even the ones that can’t afford to buy boxes like me.  For around $325 you receive one tin of 4 to 7 cards.  The sell sheet says 4 cards but I have seen breaks on the Beckett message board where anywhere from 4 to 7 cards are in a tin.  The main draw of this set is the rookie auto patch subset.  There is 1 rookie auto patch in every box.  There are 66 different “level 2” rookie auto patches numbered to 249 and 6 “level 1” rookie auto patches numbered to 99.  If you hit a Kane, Price or Toews in this product then you will make some money on EBay.  There are also a huge number of different autograph, patch and autographed patch cards.  The most popular cards outside of the 1/1’s are going to be the Limited Logos auto patch cards.  The design looks similar to Upper Deck Exquisite Basketball and it is a great look for the set.  If there wasn’t 88 of them and if they didn’t cost so much it would be a set I would love to collect. 

I only recommend buying a tin of this if you have a lot of money and you want to take a gamble.  Otherwise buying singles off of EBay is usually the way to go.  If you are going to buy some of this product I would suggest you go all in and buy a case of 6 tins.  It’s a lot more money but you have a much better chance of hitting a rookie #’d to 99 or a “property of” stick card that is a 1/1 to sell and make your money back.  You do not have a good chance of making your money back if you buy one tin of this product. 

The reason I’m not going to buy a tin (other than the high price) it’s because of the lack of Panthers.  Here are all of the Panthers cards in the set:

  •  Base cards – 1 – Tomas Vokoun
  •  Signature patches – 1 – Tomas Vokoun / 75
  •  Emblems of Endorsements – 1 – Tomas Vokoun /15
  •  Limited Logos – 1 – Tomas Vokoun / 50
  •  Honorable Numbers – None
  •  Dual Honorable Numbers – None
  •  Scripted Swatches – None
  •  Dual Scripted Swatches – None
  •  Hardware Heroes – None (of course the Panthers never win awards so I can’t blame UD)
  •  Stanley Cup Titlists – None (see above)
  •  All Star Royalty – 1 – Tomas Vokoun / 1 (and he’s in his Nashville pads)
  •  Stanley Cup Signatures – None (of course)
  •  Cup Chirography – None
  •  Cup Foundations Jerseys – 1 – Tomas Vokoun / 1
  •  Dual Logo Shields – 5 – Bouwmeester/Horton, Horton/Cammalleri, Bouwmeester/Jovanovski, Jokinen/Selanne, Jokinen/Vokoun (Wow! Some of these are not Vokoun!  Of course these are 1/1’s)
  •  Dual Logo Auto Shields – 1 – Horton/St. Louis / 1
  •  “Property Of” – None
  •  Legendary Cuts – None (Even though Roger Neilson is one of the cut autos)
  •  Cup Enshrinements – None
  •  Cup Enshrinements – Dual – None
  •  Cup Enshrinements – Triple – None
  •  Cup Jerseys – Trios – 1 – Vokoun/Jagr/Hasek / 15
  •  Cup Jerseys – Quads – None
  •  Printing Plates – 25 – Cory Murphy auto, Stefan Meyer auto, Vokoun Cup base, Martin Lojek Victory, Martin Lojek MVP, Lojek Artifacts, Stefan Meyer Artifacts, Martin Lojek OPC, Cory Murphy OPC, Martin Lojek SPx, Cory Murphy Victory, Stefan Meyer SP Game Used, Martin Lojek SP Game Used, Cory Murphy SP Game Used, Martin Lojek Ice, Tanner Glass Ice, Stefan Meyer Ice, Cory Murphy Ice, Stefan Meyer Mini-Jersey, Cory Murphy SPA, Stefan Meyer SPA, Martin Lojek Ultimate, Tanner Glass Ultimate, Cory Murphy Premier, Stefan Meyer Premier (all plates are / 4)
  • Autograph Rookie Patch Level 2 – 2 – Cory Murphy, Stefan Meyer (both numbered to 249)
  • Autograph Rookie Patch Level 1 – None
  • Autograph Rookies – Non-Patch – None

Sense a bit of a pattern?  Other than two rookie autos the only non 1/1 cards in the set are Tomas Vokoun cards.  They couldn’t have mixed in Weiss, Horton, Bouwmeester, Booth or Olesz in the set at all?  Murphy and Meyer would also have “gold” parallels of their auto patches numbered to their jersey numbers.  Vokoun has a bunch of low-numbered base parallels.  So this set is not for the Panthers collector.  It will be next year if Matthias and Frolik make the team. 

Thanks for reading.

Not Really a Product Preview – Week of July 15

July 15, 2008

Let’s start fresh for the previews from here.  Sorry I have missed the last 3 months or so.  Josh Hamilton is putting on a show right now in the HR Derby and good for him.  He’s quite the story.  Should I put the 2007 Bowman chrome rookie I have on EBay?  I wouldn’t get much for it but a dollar here and a dollar there and I can save for something. 

The preview is based on Blowout Cards’ release schedule (

Wow.  I just checked the release calendar and the only major league sport release is 2008 Topps Football.  So no real preview this week.  Let’s rant about something!

There are pros and cons to being a Florida Panthers collector.  The pro is that I can find cards like a Nathan Horton autograph off of EBay for around $3 with shipping.  The only real rookie of any substance I have to collect is Olesz.  I can find Cory Murphy and Stefan Meyer rookie patches and autos pretty easily.  The problem is that this is the con of being a Panthers collector.  I’m not asking to have a Crosby or an Ovechkin to collect but what about someone on the level of Kane or Toews or Carey Price or even Niklas Backstrom.  I can’t wait to have Matthias make the team next year so I will have one of the premium rookies to collect.  I have to make sure that I don’t complain about having to spend more for Matthias cards because I’m used to spending $12 on a Drew Larman The Cup autograph numbered to 50.  The other problem with being a Panthers collector is that there aren’t a lot of players to collect.  You see the same player in each set.  It’s always Jokinen/Horton/Bouwmeester/Weiss and Vokoun.  And with Jokinen being traded and Bouwmeester probably playing his last year I could be looking at picking up as many Keith Ballard autos as I can.  And that doesn’t sound like fun.  At least the cards won’t cost too much and I will focus more on sets I guess.

Next week will be a preview of 2007-08 The Cup where I will maybe buy some Panthers singles off of EBay but will not be buying any packs unless I win the lottery.  Thanks for reading.

Projects Update

July 13, 2008

I know it has been a while since I have posted.  I haven’t stopped collecting but I haven’t had time in the last couple of months to blog.  It stinks.  I still have a lot of cards to scan which I might do after the Indians game which is on TV here tonight.   Here is a projects update since I last posted:


1.  2005-06 UD Series 1 Young Guns – I picked up a Henrik Lundqvist at the Toronto International show in May to complete this set except for the Crosby.  I picked up a Series 1 base set as well so everything is in a binder now with my complete Series 2 set.  That’s good because one of my revised card goals is met for the year.

2.  2006-07 Fleer Hot Prospects – I need 5 more rookies numbered to 1,999 to complete the rookie subset outside of the auto patches.  I haven’t been too active on the trading front for hockey but once I organize my cards for trade I will make this set a priority.

3.  2006-07 MVP – I haven’t made any progress on this set.  I’m going to look for a Malkin and Staal rookie in trades but I probably will buy a box for a cheap price to start filling this set.

4.  2007-08 Upper Deck – I have close to a complete Series 1 base set and I’m going to buy a box of Series 2 to come close to completing the Series 2 base set.  I have made a couple of trades to pick up a number of Series 1 Young Guns and a couple of Series 2 Young Guns.  I have 11 of 50 Series 1 Young Guns including Kane, Backstrom and Lucic and only 4 Series 2 Young Guns.  I will keep trying to make trades and I’m going to try and save up and pick up Price and Toews before the summer is over since prices are a little lower at this time of year.

5.  Collect Panthers Autos and Jerseys – This is a goal I have been meeting.  I have finally picked up a David Booth 2006-07 The Cup Auto Patch rookie numbered to 249.  I also have picked up a couple of different Vokoun, Horton and Cory Murphy autograph cards.  The next big Panthers card I want to get is a 2005-06 Rostislav Olesz Cup rookie auto patch.  That won’t be for a while but I will continue getting other Panthers for lower prices.  Last week I picked up a 2006-07 Nathan Horton Artifacts “Auto-facts” autograph and a Cory Murphy 2007-08 OPC Premier Quad Patch numbered to 299 for just over $8 combined.


1.  2006 Bowman Draft – I’m still around at the same set progress as my last update.  It’s hard to get people to give up chrome draft rookies.  I’m going to keep trying or just buy the set needs.  It looks like a trade I made last December has gone bad and I will not see my end of the trade which stinks because I was hoping for around 10 of my set needs for this set and 50 or so 2007 Bowman needs. 

2.  2007 Bowman – See #1.  I’m at about the same spot as last update and have received 5-6 cards for my set in trades. 

3.  2007 Bowman Chrome – I still need a ton of cards for this set.  I will still work on it and I should buy a box when my budget expands a bit so I can trade refractors etc. for my set needs. 

4.  2008 Topps Heritage – I have bought a few packs and two boxes of this product.  I have made a few trades as well and I have my set needs down to around 30 regular base cards, 20 “black back” semi-short print base cards and 53 short print cards.  I might not collect this set again because there are too many short prints to collect.  It’s a beautiful set though and looks great in a binder and is fun to open. 

5.  2008 Topps – I bought a box of Series 1 and a box of Series 2.  I am 2 cards short of a Series 1 set and around 30 short of a Series 2 set.  Nothing special has come from the box breaks but it’s a nice card design and I like the idea of opening a 36 pack box with no doubles for the base set.  There are a lot of inserts too including the cool “History of Trading Cards” subset that I really like.  I’m hoping to trade my extra inserts for the above set needs. 

6.  Collecting Indians – I do have a few more Indians autographs and jerseys since I traded away some of my Bowman autographs that I have traded when I gave up on collecting those autograph sets.  With the Indians having such a bad year I’m going to try and collect some of the prospects in the system like Nick Weglarz, Wes Hodges, Beau Mills and the newest Indian, Matt LaPorta. 


I have hardly collected any basketball lately.  My Dad has picked me up a couple of “fat packs” of 2007-08 Fleer so I have a partial set on the go.  I am going to try and save for boxes of Fleer and Bowman so I can start trading autos and parallels for set needs. 

Other than a couple of boxes I purchased in May I have kept my purchases to a minimum lately.  I am going to try and get some more trades done but my cardlists on my computer need to be more well organized and I have to start getting more cards scanned.  I might try to sell some cards either on the Bench or on EBay later this week to raise some funds for larger purchases.  The key to meeting these goals is to stay within them.  In other words I shouldn’t blow my card budget on an auto or jersey card that doesn’t meet the above goals unless it’s a deal I can’t turn down and it’s for something that I could get good trade value for. 

So this is where I’m at so far.  I need to get back into product previews and scans of some of the Indians and Panthers cards I have picked up in the last couple of months.  If you have kept checking this blog to see if it has been updated thank you.  I appreciate it.  Thanks for reading.

I’m back and an actual box break!

May 13, 2008

That was a busy April.  I’m still really busy this month and will be to the end of June but I have to get back into this right?  I have a lot of pick ups to scan in and hopefully I will soon.  I was at the semi-annual Card Expo in Toronto a couple of weekends ago and have some nice Panthers pick ups to show off. 

I actually bought a couple of boxes over the weekend and Crystal and I opened them last night.  These were my first boxes since the fall and I am definitely going to start opening more low to mid end products. 

The first box was a box of 2008 Topps Series One baseball.  I have bought a few packs at the local card shop and I have decided to collect the set now that I’m not collecting autograph sets.  I didn’t get any jersey or autograph cards but I’m trying to collect the base set and that was the purpose of this box so I’m not too disappointed.  I now have a bunch of inserts that I can hopefully trade for my set needs.  I am keeping a couple of the inserts because I like some of the “History of Trading Cards” design.  I have to sort everything and see how close I am to the set.  The best cards in the box were:

“Gold Foil” (short prints inserted 1 in every 2 packs):  Roy Oswalt, Curtis Granderson and Mickey Mantle were the most prominent

Gold numbered to 2,008:  Edwin Encarnacion, Mark Reynolds, Preston Wilson and Cliff Lee(!!!!).  Cliff Lee deserves exclamation marks after his name with the way he’s pitching right now. 

Politicians:  I’m not a big fan of other topics in my baseball cards.  I did get Hilary Clinton, Rudy Guliani and John Edwards.  Hopefully I can trade these. 

The second box was a box of 2008 Topps Heritage baseball.  You are supposed to get one relic or autograph in each box plus 3 chrome cards either numbered to 1,959, 559 or 59.  I did better than that.  The “hits” of the box:

Real One autograph redemption:  Scott Posednik

Stadium Seat Relic:  Ernie Banks / Wrigley Field

Chrome #’d to 1,959:  Brandon Phillips (I wish the Indians gave him another chance before trading him), Joe Mauer and Nick Markakis

Chrome refractor #’d to 559:  Justin Upton

Black bordered refractor #’d to 59:  Derrek Lee

That was an awesome box.  I don’t know which short prints I’ve received just yet as I have to sort everything but I’m happy with the other cards.  I want to collect the chrome set but will trade the Upton refractor and Lee black refractor plus the Posednik and the Banks for short prints and other set needs.

Off to sorting!  Hopefully I will update more often here but life is busy.  Which is better than the alternative I think.

Thanks for reading.

New Card Goals!

April 4, 2008


I am finally done my tax course until August.  So I can work until 8 pm, come home and blog a little more.  I had a little bit of a revelation when it came to my card collecting goals.  I had decided to try and collect a number of autographed and autographed patch sets.  I have realized that this would just cause an accumulation of projects and stall me from starting new sets.  For example, I was hoping to collect 10 2006-07 Fleer Hot Prospect auto patches this year.  That would mean I would have 15 or 16 of the 41 cards.  The 5 I have bought this year have all been common ones and haven’t cost me too much.  But I would have to shell out a lot of money for Malkin, Staal, Kessel, Kopitar etc.  I think rather then dropping $250 on a Malkin auto patch I would buy 4 $50 boxes and use the rest to build sets and collect cheaper autographs that I want for my collection, not to complete an autograph set.  This has given me a feeling of freedom.  I was trying to reconcile collecting these expensive sets and starting new sets.  Now my goals are a little more clear and I can build more mid-end sets and buy more boxes which is fun.  Plus this gives me a chance to start collecting autographs from my favourite teams and players.

Here are my revised project lists for 2008:

Overall (Unchanged):

1.  Organize all of my cards – there is a little bit of progress being made but this will be a summer project for me.

2.  Organize all of my set needs – this is connected to Goal #1.  These are for the sets I started in the 1990’s that I still want to collect.

3.  Make as many trades as I can and become a regular contributor to sites like the Bench – I’ve done okay with this.  I haven’t had many cards to trade.  Now that I have autographs to trade I should make more. 

4.  Regularly update this blog – It’s tax season!  I’m trying my best. 


1.  Pick up a Henrik Lundqvist 2005-06 Upper Deck Young Gun to complete my Young Guns set other than Crosby.  I also need to buy a Series 1 base set.  I’m hoping to trade a patch auto or something like that for the Lundqvist.

2.  Finish my 2006-07 Fleer Hot Prospects Rookies numbered to 1,999.  I’m at 44 of the 60 and I want to complete this set anyways.  It’s not the auto patches but it will be nice to complete.

3.  Finish 2006-07 MVP – I bought a 12 pack blaster and I want to finish this set.  Mainly because this will be my only set with the 2006-07 rookies and I don’t feel like collecting 2006-07 Upper Deck.

4.  Collect 2007-08 Upper Deck – When I pulled the Kane and Backstrom Young Guns I knew this was the set to collect.  It is an easy set to collect and is not too expensive and I will have all of the significant rookies from this year. 

5.  Collect Panthers autographs and jersey cards – I want to try and get an autograph from each Panther that has an autograph in the 2007-08 sets.  I also want to go back and get some of the higher end rookie autos like Olesz and Booth’s The Cup rookies.  I can then have a Panthers binder with all of my autographs and patches in one spot. 


1.  Finish my 2006 Bowman Draft Picks set

2.  Finish my 2007 Bowman set

I might buy the singles or I might try to trade some of my lower end autographs for these set needs.

3.  Collect the 2007 Bowman Chrome set.  I might buy a box of this to add 40 cards to my set or I might try to trade for some set needs. 

4.  Collect 2008 Topps Heritage – This is the one 2008 set I want to collect and it sounds like a lot of fun to collect.  I want to collect the full base set with the short prints and the variations and complete the chrome set. 

5.  Collect Indians autographs and jerseys – This is the same idea I have for the Panthers.


1.  Collect 2007-08 Bowman Draft Picks & Stars – I liked the 2006-07 set and I like the design of this year’s set so I’m going to buy a couple of boxes in the summer.

2.  Collect 2006-07 Fleer – I love the 1986-87 design cards and I’m going to collect this set.

3.  Collect 2007-08 Fleer – I like the base card design and I want to collect the retro variations of this set too.

4.  Pick up autographs from my favourite players – The “Number Marks” of Mark Price and Brad Daugherty from 2007-08 SP Authentic are at the top of the list but I want to find cheaper autographs of my favourite players too.


1.  Pick a set and collect it – I have no idea what to collect but I will find something.  Maybe Topps or Bowman Chrome.  We will see.

Any thoughts on this change?  Does anyone out there try to collect autograph sets? 

Thanks for reading.