Product Previews – Week of July 22, 2008

July 25, 2008

I am live from my newly upgraded computer tower which is going to be my “card” computer from here on out.  Of course I can’t find my printer software so I can’t scan in cards right now.  That is not good.  I want to get more active when it comes to trading for set needs but I need my scanner to work first. 

I think I’m done with the product previews for baseball and basketball.  I don’t collect those sports enough and I don’t understand all of the products like I do with hockey.  So we’re going with hockey previews from here on out:

2007-08 Upper Deck The Cup– This is the release that all hockey collectors wait for every year, even the ones that can’t afford to buy boxes like me.  For around $325 you receive one tin of 4 to 7 cards.  The sell sheet says 4 cards but I have seen breaks on the Beckett message board where anywhere from 4 to 7 cards are in a tin.  The main draw of this set is the rookie auto patch subset.  There is 1 rookie auto patch in every box.  There are 66 different “level 2” rookie auto patches numbered to 249 and 6 “level 1” rookie auto patches numbered to 99.  If you hit a Kane, Price or Toews in this product then you will make some money on EBay.  There are also a huge number of different autograph, patch and autographed patch cards.  The most popular cards outside of the 1/1’s are going to be the Limited Logos auto patch cards.  The design looks similar to Upper Deck Exquisite Basketball and it is a great look for the set.  If there wasn’t 88 of them and if they didn’t cost so much it would be a set I would love to collect. 

I only recommend buying a tin of this if you have a lot of money and you want to take a gamble.  Otherwise buying singles off of EBay is usually the way to go.  If you are going to buy some of this product I would suggest you go all in and buy a case of 6 tins.  It’s a lot more money but you have a much better chance of hitting a rookie #’d to 99 or a “property of” stick card that is a 1/1 to sell and make your money back.  You do not have a good chance of making your money back if you buy one tin of this product. 

The reason I’m not going to buy a tin (other than the high price) it’s because of the lack of Panthers.  Here are all of the Panthers cards in the set:

  •  Base cards – 1 – Tomas Vokoun
  •  Signature patches – 1 – Tomas Vokoun / 75
  •  Emblems of Endorsements – 1 – Tomas Vokoun /15
  •  Limited Logos – 1 – Tomas Vokoun / 50
  •  Honorable Numbers – None
  •  Dual Honorable Numbers – None
  •  Scripted Swatches – None
  •  Dual Scripted Swatches – None
  •  Hardware Heroes – None (of course the Panthers never win awards so I can’t blame UD)
  •  Stanley Cup Titlists – None (see above)
  •  All Star Royalty – 1 – Tomas Vokoun / 1 (and he’s in his Nashville pads)
  •  Stanley Cup Signatures – None (of course)
  •  Cup Chirography – None
  •  Cup Foundations Jerseys – 1 – Tomas Vokoun / 1
  •  Dual Logo Shields – 5 – Bouwmeester/Horton, Horton/Cammalleri, Bouwmeester/Jovanovski, Jokinen/Selanne, Jokinen/Vokoun (Wow! Some of these are not Vokoun!  Of course these are 1/1’s)
  •  Dual Logo Auto Shields – 1 – Horton/St. Louis / 1
  •  “Property Of” – None
  •  Legendary Cuts – None (Even though Roger Neilson is one of the cut autos)
  •  Cup Enshrinements – None
  •  Cup Enshrinements – Dual – None
  •  Cup Enshrinements – Triple – None
  •  Cup Jerseys – Trios – 1 – Vokoun/Jagr/Hasek / 15
  •  Cup Jerseys – Quads – None
  •  Printing Plates – 25 – Cory Murphy auto, Stefan Meyer auto, Vokoun Cup base, Martin Lojek Victory, Martin Lojek MVP, Lojek Artifacts, Stefan Meyer Artifacts, Martin Lojek OPC, Cory Murphy OPC, Martin Lojek SPx, Cory Murphy Victory, Stefan Meyer SP Game Used, Martin Lojek SP Game Used, Cory Murphy SP Game Used, Martin Lojek Ice, Tanner Glass Ice, Stefan Meyer Ice, Cory Murphy Ice, Stefan Meyer Mini-Jersey, Cory Murphy SPA, Stefan Meyer SPA, Martin Lojek Ultimate, Tanner Glass Ultimate, Cory Murphy Premier, Stefan Meyer Premier (all plates are / 4)
  • Autograph Rookie Patch Level 2 – 2 – Cory Murphy, Stefan Meyer (both numbered to 249)
  • Autograph Rookie Patch Level 1 – None
  • Autograph Rookies – Non-Patch – None

Sense a bit of a pattern?  Other than two rookie autos the only non 1/1 cards in the set are Tomas Vokoun cards.  They couldn’t have mixed in Weiss, Horton, Bouwmeester, Booth or Olesz in the set at all?  Murphy and Meyer would also have “gold” parallels of their auto patches numbered to their jersey numbers.  Vokoun has a bunch of low-numbered base parallels.  So this set is not for the Panthers collector.  It will be next year if Matthias and Frolik make the team. 

Thanks for reading.


Not Really a Product Preview – Week of July 15

July 15, 2008

Let’s start fresh for the previews from here.  Sorry I have missed the last 3 months or so.  Josh Hamilton is putting on a show right now in the HR Derby and good for him.  He’s quite the story.  Should I put the 2007 Bowman chrome rookie I have on EBay?  I wouldn’t get much for it but a dollar here and a dollar there and I can save for something. 

The preview is based on Blowout Cards’ release schedule (

Wow.  I just checked the release calendar and the only major league sport release is 2008 Topps Football.  So no real preview this week.  Let’s rant about something!

There are pros and cons to being a Florida Panthers collector.  The pro is that I can find cards like a Nathan Horton autograph off of EBay for around $3 with shipping.  The only real rookie of any substance I have to collect is Olesz.  I can find Cory Murphy and Stefan Meyer rookie patches and autos pretty easily.  The problem is that this is the con of being a Panthers collector.  I’m not asking to have a Crosby or an Ovechkin to collect but what about someone on the level of Kane or Toews or Carey Price or even Niklas Backstrom.  I can’t wait to have Matthias make the team next year so I will have one of the premium rookies to collect.  I have to make sure that I don’t complain about having to spend more for Matthias cards because I’m used to spending $12 on a Drew Larman The Cup autograph numbered to 50.  The other problem with being a Panthers collector is that there aren’t a lot of players to collect.  You see the same player in each set.  It’s always Jokinen/Horton/Bouwmeester/Weiss and Vokoun.  And with Jokinen being traded and Bouwmeester probably playing his last year I could be looking at picking up as many Keith Ballard autos as I can.  And that doesn’t sound like fun.  At least the cards won’t cost too much and I will focus more on sets I guess.

Next week will be a preview of 2007-08 The Cup where I will maybe buy some Panthers singles off of EBay but will not be buying any packs unless I win the lottery.  Thanks for reading.

Cards New Releases – Week of March 10th, 2008

March 11, 2008

There are 4 products out this week:


2008 Topps Opening Day – This is a low end set that looks to be geared to kids.  For around $35 you receive a box of 24 packs of 6 cards per pack.  The base set is 220 cards and it includes Topps Series 2 preview cards.  There are also “flapper” cards which can be turned into some other cards somehow.  If you have kids this might be a good starter set for them.  Autographs fall 1 per case so they are rare. 

2008 Upper Deck Premier– For around $230 you receive 1 box containing 1 pack of 4 cards.  The packs are collated as follows:  Card 1 is a base card #’d to 99 or a parallel base card #’d to 15.  Card 2 is a rookie signatures card #’d to 299 or 99.  Card 3 is a “woven” patch.  I looked on Ebay but couldn’t find an example of these types of cards.  Card 4 is an autograph that is #’d to 45 or less.  Card 5 is a memorabilia card #’d to 75 or less.  Card 6 is a patch card #’d to 75 or less.  Card 7 has either a bat barrel card, a premier logo patch #’d 1 of 1 and a premier card #’d to 3.  So there is a good chance you would get a nice card out of this.  But with every $200 and over product I recommend that you let other people break this and pick up the single cards you want off of EBay.


2007-08 Upper Deck Black– For around $220 you receive 2 boxes of 1 pack.  Each pack has 1 card.  Every card is numbered to 99 or less.  Every card is an autograph or a multi-swatch memorabilia cards.  One of the cards in the box will be an autograph.  There are a huge number of different types of autographs and patch cards in this set.  It’s a player collectors only set since there isn’t a base set.  If this set is anything like the Upper Deck Black baseball set the pulls will definitely not be worth the money.  So wait for the singles to reach Ebay.


2007-08 Upper Deck Ice – For $84 you receive a box of 20 packs of 5 cards per pack.  There are 4 rookies per box.  The rookies are of 4 different levels.  Level 4 is #’d to 1,999, Level 3 is #’d to 999, Level 2 is #’d to 499 and Level 1 is #’d to 99.  The 2005-06 set’s Level 1 rookies were very difficult to find.  The base set is 100 cards.  There are 3 hits other than the rookies in the box, either autograph or jersey/patch cards with at least 1 being an autograph card.  This could be a fun set to collect even though the Level 1 rookies will cost a bunch.  If this set looks like the Trilogy Ice Scripts set then it will be a nice looking set.  I will probably try to collect the Panthers from this set, especially any autographs.  The jersey cards have a number of parallels so if you are a player collector and they are in the jersey set then this will be good to collect. 

So collect singles from Premier and Black, buy Opening Day for your kid and take a reasonable gamble on picking up one of the Level 1 rookies from Ice.

Thanks for reading.