A big pull!

June 12, 2009

My Grandfather who lives in Ohio hasn’t been well.  He has quite the card collection so he has sent a number of cards home with my Dad to give to me.  One of these packages were a number of Bowman and Topps Heritage packs.  My wife opened a 2005 Bowman Heritage pack and pulled this:

A 2005 Bowman Heritage Ryan Bruan Signs of Greatness autograph card!  The card has a BV of around $100 I think.  Now I have to figure something out.  Sell or trade?  I want to trade but I have to open my collection up a little bit to include some cards I want to collect that actually have a high BV.  Most of the cards I’m looking for are less than $10.  Maybe this could land one of the higher end 2005 Trilogy Signatures cards I’m looking for.

Thanks for reading.


Some Mail and Pack Breaks!

June 9, 2009

I purchased a couple of packs of OPC Update from Walmart last weekend and was happy to get a couple of rookie retro parallels in Drew Doughty and Ben Bishop.  My third pack had a Jeff Finger retro card.  So that’s around 20 out of the 800 total retro cards which means I have some work to do.  

I also received two pieces of hockey mail in the last couple of weeks.  I was able to win a Jonas Hiller Future Watch auto for my 2007-08 set for a good price.  Then my deal of the month was picking up a Nathan Horton/David Booth 2008-09 BAP Double Signatures card for around $4 CDN shipped.  I’m not a huge fan of the 2008-09 BAP design this year since the stickers are a little too prominent on the cards.  

I have three more Future Watch autos incoming:  Dubinsky, Mitchell and Chipchura so once they arrive I will have 24 of the 60 autos which is the farthest I’ve gotten on one of these auto set projects.  

I have also made some trades on The Bench and have completed my 2008 Topps Series 2 baseball set.  I also picked up around 80 2004 Topps Heritage singles in a trade to start that set.  I am very close to completing my 2008 Topps Heritage base and update non-SP sets.  I still have a lot of SP’s to pick up but that will happen in the future.  I won’t be buying another box of Heritage High #’s so that is a plus.

I have to make some more progress on football and basketball projects which are at a standstill right now.  But that will change later this summer.

Thanks for reading.

Latest mail!

May 18, 2009

It’s not an exciting mail day but on Friday I received 3 2006-07 MVP rookies I needed: Jonas Johansson, Matt Koalska and Ryan Caldwell.  I have purchased most of the rookies I needed for this set and I only need Malkin and Staal once my mail comes in plus a few commons.  So hopefully this set gets completed in the next month or two.  

I budget a bit of cash from every paycheque for cards.  I just made a nice purchase for my Future Watch auto project on EBay earlier.  I was really happy with the price I won the card with.  I will scan it in once it comes in the mail.

Thanks for reading.

And I’m Back (Maybe….)

May 2, 2009

So it’s been a while since I have posted.  Well I’m back and that is good.  

I just came home from the Toronto Card Expo and I thought I would share what I purchased today.  I spent around $80 on these 17 cards:

2006-07 Hot Prospects Mikhail Grabovski 1,067/1,999 and Troy Brouwer 1,643/1,999

And the 2006-07 Hot Prospects rookies /1,999 project is finally complete.  Thank God.  It only took me around two years.  I will have other project updates throughout the week.  

2007-08 SP Authentic Future Watch Autographs /999:

This is a new project that I started in March when I purchased 7 common autographs.  I picked up 13 more autos ranging from $3 to $6 each:

Brett Sterling 73/999

Curtis McElhinney 546/999

Tyler Weiman 448/999

Tobias Stephan 45/999

Cory Murphy 159/999

Lauri Tukonen 327/999

Andy Greene 161/999

Daniel Girardi 939/999

Brian Elliot 334/999

Martin Hanzal 394/999

Steve Wagner 604/999

Matt Smaby 259/999

Jannik Hansen 247/999

So I now have 20 of the 60 autos which is the farthest I have come so far in completing an autograph set.  I love the design and once I start picking up the better rookies I think it will be a good set since last year’s rookie class was pretty good.

Finally I picked up two UD Black Letterman Patches, Tyler Plante “A” /399 and David Brine “E” /399.  Between Plante, Brine and Matthias I can spell the word “Panthers” which would look cool on a shelf or on display somehow.  Here are the scans of the Plante and Brine:


I will be back with project progress and to share which projects have been completed, which ones have stopped and the others that I have started.

Thanks for reading.

I’m back and an actual box break!

May 13, 2008

That was a busy April.  I’m still really busy this month and will be to the end of June but I have to get back into this right?  I have a lot of pick ups to scan in and hopefully I will soon.  I was at the semi-annual Card Expo in Toronto a couple of weekends ago and have some nice Panthers pick ups to show off. 

I actually bought a couple of boxes over the weekend and Crystal and I opened them last night.  These were my first boxes since the fall and I am definitely going to start opening more low to mid end products. 

The first box was a box of 2008 Topps Series One baseball.  I have bought a few packs at the local card shop and I have decided to collect the set now that I’m not collecting autograph sets.  I didn’t get any jersey or autograph cards but I’m trying to collect the base set and that was the purpose of this box so I’m not too disappointed.  I now have a bunch of inserts that I can hopefully trade for my set needs.  I am keeping a couple of the inserts because I like some of the “History of Trading Cards” design.  I have to sort everything and see how close I am to the set.  The best cards in the box were:

“Gold Foil” (short prints inserted 1 in every 2 packs):  Roy Oswalt, Curtis Granderson and Mickey Mantle were the most prominent

Gold numbered to 2,008:  Edwin Encarnacion, Mark Reynolds, Preston Wilson and Cliff Lee(!!!!).  Cliff Lee deserves exclamation marks after his name with the way he’s pitching right now. 

Politicians:  I’m not a big fan of other topics in my baseball cards.  I did get Hilary Clinton, Rudy Guliani and John Edwards.  Hopefully I can trade these. 

The second box was a box of 2008 Topps Heritage baseball.  You are supposed to get one relic or autograph in each box plus 3 chrome cards either numbered to 1,959, 559 or 59.  I did better than that.  The “hits” of the box:

Real One autograph redemption:  Scott Posednik

Stadium Seat Relic:  Ernie Banks / Wrigley Field

Chrome #’d to 1,959:  Brandon Phillips (I wish the Indians gave him another chance before trading him), Joe Mauer and Nick Markakis

Chrome refractor #’d to 559:  Justin Upton

Black bordered refractor #’d to 59:  Derrek Lee

That was an awesome box.  I don’t know which short prints I’ve received just yet as I have to sort everything but I’m happy with the other cards.  I want to collect the chrome set but will trade the Upton refractor and Lee black refractor plus the Posednik and the Banks for short prints and other set needs.

Off to sorting!  Hopefully I will update more often here but life is busy.  Which is better than the alternative I think.

Thanks for reading.

I have found a hockey set to collect!

March 23, 2008

My Dad had picked up a couple of 2007-08 Upper Deck hockey blasters on sale this week.  He had opened one and didn’t really get anything special.  He hadn’t opened the second one.  I was there for dinner last night and I asked if I could buy it off of him.  He agreed.  Unfortunately for him I had three great pulls.  I will scan them in tomorrow but here were the hits:

The third best hit was a Patrice Bergeron three colour jersey card which should be nice trade bait.  The second hit was a Nicklas Backstrom Young Gun where I was thinking, “finally a good card to trade for my other set needs!”.  Then I opened the last pack and saw “Patrick Kane”.  I pulled a Patrick Kane Young Gun!  It has a book value of $100.  I never pull cards like this.  It made my week.

I have been agonizing over a 2007-08 hockey set to collect.  I was thinking about SP Authentic and the Future Watch autograph set.  I find autograph and patch sets can be hard to collect.  I didn’t like that Hot Prospects increased the number of short print patches and that they increased the number of patch cards in the set.  I’m not a huge fan of the SPx design of their autograph jerseys and it’s hard to find multi-coloured patches in that set.  So… Upper Deck.  A good set collector’s set.  There are a lot of rookies to collect but they do not have huge book values and the most expensive cards will cost $50-60, not hundreds of dollars like autograph and patch sets.  I still might try to pick up some Future Watch autographs but I will collect them because I want the player, not because it will complete my set. 

It’s been a busy month for me at work and it’s only going to get worse.  I will try to post once or twice a week but I can’t guarantee it.  I will be able to post more in May and we can find out if I have any value in my collection that I built in the early 1990’s.

2007-08 Fleer Rack Pack!

March 16, 2008

My Dad was in Ohio visiting my grandparents and he picked up a 50 card rack pack of 2007-08 Fleer basketball.  I am interested in this set for the 1980 variations of the base set and the rookies.  The pack had two 1961 Fleer format cards of Chris Paul and Tim Duncan which have a nice design.  I really like the base set design.  It’s very 80’s and old school.  I’m going to try and collect the set with the variations.  The best pull from the pack (from my wife’s half of course) was a 1986-87 rookie design Greg Oden.  I need to get a box or two. 

It’s time to enter the checklist of the guys I need for the base set.  Thanks for reading and hopefully I will get a couple of cards in the mail this week to show for the blog.  Otherwise we will think of something.