A big pull!

My Grandfather who lives in Ohio hasn’t been well.  He has quite the card collection so he has sent a number of cards home with my Dad to give to me.  One of these packages were a number of Bowman and Topps Heritage packs.  My wife opened a 2005 Bowman Heritage pack and pulled this:

A 2005 Bowman Heritage Ryan Bruan Signs of Greatness autograph card!  The card has a BV of around $100 I think.  Now I have to figure something out.  Sell or trade?  I want to trade but I have to open my collection up a little bit to include some cards I want to collect that actually have a high BV.  Most of the cards I’m looking for are less than $10.  Maybe this could land one of the higher end 2005 Trilogy Signatures cards I’m looking for.

Thanks for reading.


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