Some Mail and Pack Breaks!

I purchased a couple of packs of OPC Update from Walmart last weekend and was happy to get a couple of rookie retro parallels in Drew Doughty and Ben Bishop.  My third pack had a Jeff Finger retro card.  So that’s around 20 out of the 800 total retro cards which means I have some work to do.  

I also received two pieces of hockey mail in the last couple of weeks.  I was able to win a Jonas Hiller Future Watch auto for my 2007-08 set for a good price.  Then my deal of the month was picking up a Nathan Horton/David Booth 2008-09 BAP Double Signatures card for around $4 CDN shipped.  I’m not a huge fan of the 2008-09 BAP design this year since the stickers are a little too prominent on the cards.  

I have three more Future Watch autos incoming:  Dubinsky, Mitchell and Chipchura so once they arrive I will have 24 of the 60 autos which is the farthest I’ve gotten on one of these auto set projects.  

I have also made some trades on The Bench and have completed my 2008 Topps Series 2 baseball set.  I also picked up around 80 2004 Topps Heritage singles in a trade to start that set.  I am very close to completing my 2008 Topps Heritage base and update non-SP sets.  I still have a lot of SP’s to pick up but that will happen in the future.  I won’t be buying another box of Heritage High #’s so that is a plus.

I have to make some more progress on football and basketball projects which are at a standstill right now.  But that will change later this summer.

Thanks for reading.


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