2007 Bowman Chrome Prospect #BC1 Cooper Brannon


As I’m ready to watch 2008-09 NBA MVP LeBron James and the Cavs take on the Hawks for Game 1 of the second round of the NBA playoffs I am starting a new feature that will look back at the 2007 Bowman Chrome Prospects set and see where these prospects are now.  We start with a pretty cool story with Cooper Brannon.  

Brannon was a US Marine who lost his pinkie finger of his non-pitching (left) hand on his second tour of duty in Iraq.  According to the back of the above card Brannon was signed by the Padres after he met Sandy Alderson at a radio show.  He pitched 26 innings for the rookie Arizona League AZL Padres and did not have very impressive numbers which is understandable since he was never drafted and hadn’t played baseball since high school in 2003.  He pitched with the Eugene Emeralds in short season A ball last year and pitched 21 innings, again without impressive numbers.  

I have to work on my research.  I’m not sure if Brannon is going to be pitching in 2009.  He is not on San Diego’s full season A team’s roster.  He may play in Eugene again this year but short season A ball doesn’t start until June.  I will keep an eye on the short season rosters to see if Brannon plays professional baseball this year.  It doesn’t look like Brannon will ever play major league ball but he is a heck of a story and I hope he has enjoyed playing professional baseball if he is done. 

What a start!  The beauty of going through cards, especially cards from a while ago is that you find out about stories like this.  Hopefully the rest of the prospects have something interesting to say about each player.

Thanks for reading.


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