Project Progress – May 3, 2009


Where am I with my projects?  Let’s compare to my last “projects” post from July 13, 2008 (!) and see what has changed.


2005-06 Upper Deck – I still need the Crosby and I will eventually buy one in a few years.  Otherwise this set is completed and looks great in a binder (except for the Ovechkin which is in a magnetic holder).

2006-07 Hot Prospects – I finally finished the rookies numbered to 1,999 set yesterday!  So this project finally gets crossed off the list.

2006-07 MVP – I bought a retail box of 24 packs in November and with some other trades I need around 10-15 regular base cards and 9 rookies including Malkin and Staal to finish this set.  I’m going to try and trade for the rest of this set or buy what I need in the next few months.

2007-08 Upper Deck – I have decided after collecting around 30-40 of the Young Guns I’m going to sell/trade these cards to go towards other projects.  I would rather collect 2007-08 SP Authentic then this set.

Collecting Panthers – This has gone okay.  I have picked up a couple more Booth cards and I have the SPx auto jerseys of Matthias and Frolik so that is going well.  I do want to pick up the Future Watch and Ultimate autos for Frolik.  He had a really good rookie year and it is nice to have a good rookie to collect for once.

2007-08 SP Authentic Future Watch Auto – These cards are numbered to 999.  I have 20 of the 60 autos and after I complete the MVP set I want to pick up one auto each month or two to continue to build this set.  I only have commons so far so I have to start saving for Price, Toews, Kane, Ryan etc.  I love the design of this set and the fact that the autos are on-card and are not sticker autos.  

2008-09 OPC 1979-80 Retro Parallels – This is a monster of a parallel set but I’m looking to trade/buy and slowly build this set later this summer.  It’s a classic design and looks great.  


2006 Bowman Draft – I finished this set earlier this year through trades and purchasing the last chrome cards that I needed.  

2007 Bowman – I finished this set last fall including the prospects and chrome prospects sets.  

2007 Bowman Chrome – I have traded/purchased a few of these set needs but I have a long way to go.  I think I will save a box to trade inserts and to collect the autograph from the box.

2008 Topps Heritage – I still need around 50 short prints and 10-15 regular base cards.  I want to pick up one or two short prints every month to slowly build this set.  I might also complete the set up to the short prints and then as I buy more boxes of other projects try to trade cards I obtain in the future for this set.

2008 Topps – I have completed Series 1 and need 2 cards for Series 2.  I have a few Updates and Highlights to build that set.  I am not going to collect 2009 Topps since I think I’m going to stick with Heritage and Bowman releases.

Collecting Indians – I have a purchased a number of autos of Indians prospects that I will scan and show in the blog in the future.

2008 Topps Heritage High Numbers – I bought a box of this in March and I hope to buy one more box to get 8 more short prints and also build the Updates and Highlights set since they are intermingled in this product as well.  I am trying to trade some of the chrome cards I received from the box towards set needs.

2005 Trilogy Signatures – I only have picked up 2 of the autos in this set but it is a gorgeous design and I love the player selection in the set so this will be one of those projects where I pick up a cheap auto here and there and eventually finish this project 15 years from now.


2006-07 Bowman Chrome – I want to collect the 25 or so rookie autos to complete the auto set.  I can get most of these for pretty cheap so it shouldn’t be too hard.

2007-08 Bowman Chrome – I purchased a box of this last fall and want to complete this set including the auto set.

2006-07 Fleer – I have around 12 of the 132 1986-87 Fleer retro parallel set.  As you can see I love retro parallels with today’s players.  

2007-08 Fleer – I almost have the base set finished but I only have 12 or so of the 1987-88 retros but I want to finish this set eventually.


2008 Topps Chrome – I have purchased a couple of loose packs and a blaster box of this product so I’m slowly and surely collecting this set.  I like the chrome design.  I am not going to collect the autos for this set, I just want a mid-end football card set to collect.

I have a lot of projects on the go.  But I’m confident that I will finish most of these projects sooner rather than later.  I don’t have much of a budget for the next year or two but I think between $20-40 a month can really put a dent in the above projects.  I still have to pick some 2009 products to collect but I’m always going to be a bit behind and that is okay.  I have some ideas for future posts including updating these projects as I pick up cards and showing the scans in the blog.  My other idea is to have a “Prospect Review” for the 2007 Bowman Chrome prospects set where we see where the prospects are two years later.

Thanks for reading.


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