I’m back and an actual box break!

May 13, 2008

That was a busy April.  I’m still really busy this month and will be to the end of June but I have to get back into this right?  I have a lot of pick ups to scan in and hopefully I will soon.  I was at the semi-annual Card Expo in Toronto a couple of weekends ago and have some nice Panthers pick ups to show off. 

I actually bought a couple of boxes over the weekend and Crystal and I opened them last night.  These were my first boxes since the fall and I am definitely going to start opening more low to mid end products. 

The first box was a box of 2008 Topps Series One baseball.  I have bought a few packs at the local card shop and I have decided to collect the set now that I’m not collecting autograph sets.  I didn’t get any jersey or autograph cards but I’m trying to collect the base set and that was the purpose of this box so I’m not too disappointed.  I now have a bunch of inserts that I can hopefully trade for my set needs.  I am keeping a couple of the inserts because I like some of the “History of Trading Cards” design.  I have to sort everything and see how close I am to the set.  The best cards in the box were:

“Gold Foil” (short prints inserted 1 in every 2 packs):  Roy Oswalt, Curtis Granderson and Mickey Mantle were the most prominent

Gold numbered to 2,008:  Edwin Encarnacion, Mark Reynolds, Preston Wilson and Cliff Lee(!!!!).  Cliff Lee deserves exclamation marks after his name with the way he’s pitching right now. 

Politicians:  I’m not a big fan of other topics in my baseball cards.  I did get Hilary Clinton, Rudy Guliani and John Edwards.  Hopefully I can trade these. 

The second box was a box of 2008 Topps Heritage baseball.  You are supposed to get one relic or autograph in each box plus 3 chrome cards either numbered to 1,959, 559 or 59.  I did better than that.  The “hits” of the box:

Real One autograph redemption:  Scott Posednik

Stadium Seat Relic:  Ernie Banks / Wrigley Field

Chrome #’d to 1,959:  Brandon Phillips (I wish the Indians gave him another chance before trading him), Joe Mauer and Nick Markakis

Chrome refractor #’d to 559:  Justin Upton

Black bordered refractor #’d to 59:  Derrek Lee

That was an awesome box.  I don’t know which short prints I’ve received just yet as I have to sort everything but I’m happy with the other cards.  I want to collect the chrome set but will trade the Upton refractor and Lee black refractor plus the Posednik and the Banks for short prints and other set needs.

Off to sorting!  Hopefully I will update more often here but life is busy.  Which is better than the alternative I think.

Thanks for reading.