New Card Goals!

April 4, 2008


I am finally done my tax course until August.  So I can work until 8 pm, come home and blog a little more.  I had a little bit of a revelation when it came to my card collecting goals.  I had decided to try and collect a number of autographed and autographed patch sets.  I have realized that this would just cause an accumulation of projects and stall me from starting new sets.  For example, I was hoping to collect 10 2006-07 Fleer Hot Prospect auto patches this year.  That would mean I would have 15 or 16 of the 41 cards.  The 5 I have bought this year have all been common ones and haven’t cost me too much.  But I would have to shell out a lot of money for Malkin, Staal, Kessel, Kopitar etc.  I think rather then dropping $250 on a Malkin auto patch I would buy 4 $50 boxes and use the rest to build sets and collect cheaper autographs that I want for my collection, not to complete an autograph set.  This has given me a feeling of freedom.  I was trying to reconcile collecting these expensive sets and starting new sets.  Now my goals are a little more clear and I can build more mid-end sets and buy more boxes which is fun.  Plus this gives me a chance to start collecting autographs from my favourite teams and players.

Here are my revised project lists for 2008:

Overall (Unchanged):

1.  Organize all of my cards – there is a little bit of progress being made but this will be a summer project for me.

2.  Organize all of my set needs – this is connected to Goal #1.  These are for the sets I started in the 1990’s that I still want to collect.

3.  Make as many trades as I can and become a regular contributor to sites like the Bench – I’ve done okay with this.  I haven’t had many cards to trade.  Now that I have autographs to trade I should make more. 

4.  Regularly update this blog – It’s tax season!  I’m trying my best. 


1.  Pick up a Henrik Lundqvist 2005-06 Upper Deck Young Gun to complete my Young Guns set other than Crosby.  I also need to buy a Series 1 base set.  I’m hoping to trade a patch auto or something like that for the Lundqvist.

2.  Finish my 2006-07 Fleer Hot Prospects Rookies numbered to 1,999.  I’m at 44 of the 60 and I want to complete this set anyways.  It’s not the auto patches but it will be nice to complete.

3.  Finish 2006-07 MVP – I bought a 12 pack blaster and I want to finish this set.  Mainly because this will be my only set with the 2006-07 rookies and I don’t feel like collecting 2006-07 Upper Deck.

4.  Collect 2007-08 Upper Deck – When I pulled the Kane and Backstrom Young Guns I knew this was the set to collect.  It is an easy set to collect and is not too expensive and I will have all of the significant rookies from this year. 

5.  Collect Panthers autographs and jersey cards – I want to try and get an autograph from each Panther that has an autograph in the 2007-08 sets.  I also want to go back and get some of the higher end rookie autos like Olesz and Booth’s The Cup rookies.  I can then have a Panthers binder with all of my autographs and patches in one spot. 


1.  Finish my 2006 Bowman Draft Picks set

2.  Finish my 2007 Bowman set

I might buy the singles or I might try to trade some of my lower end autographs for these set needs.

3.  Collect the 2007 Bowman Chrome set.  I might buy a box of this to add 40 cards to my set or I might try to trade for some set needs. 

4.  Collect 2008 Topps Heritage – This is the one 2008 set I want to collect and it sounds like a lot of fun to collect.  I want to collect the full base set with the short prints and the variations and complete the chrome set. 

5.  Collect Indians autographs and jerseys – This is the same idea I have for the Panthers.


1.  Collect 2007-08 Bowman Draft Picks & Stars – I liked the 2006-07 set and I like the design of this year’s set so I’m going to buy a couple of boxes in the summer.

2.  Collect 2006-07 Fleer – I love the 1986-87 design cards and I’m going to collect this set.

3.  Collect 2007-08 Fleer – I like the base card design and I want to collect the retro variations of this set too.

4.  Pick up autographs from my favourite players – The “Number Marks” of Mark Price and Brad Daugherty from 2007-08 SP Authentic are at the top of the list but I want to find cheaper autographs of my favourite players too.


1.  Pick a set and collect it – I have no idea what to collect but I will find something.  Maybe Topps or Bowman Chrome.  We will see.

Any thoughts on this change?  Does anyone out there try to collect autograph sets? 

Thanks for reading.